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Nitoni Noio

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Nitoni Noio, whose real name is Nixon MUKOKO, turned to writing at a very young age when he began at the age of 13 to compose his first poems offering the possibility of being associated with musical melodies then, a little later he gave himself to the art of reflection, hence his own slogan: "Free living" born of the desire for freedom and which characterizes it. For him as a scientist, it is thanks to his natural environment that has always inspired him that he has managed to offer the world the essential of his pen. For a long time, he has been sharing his time between writing and his personal belongings. Kinois child, native of the cradle of humanity as any African black, he has only one dream: "that the Congolese writer is also an important place in the ranks of the great of the book sector." Some would say that the author is not a professional writer but for him, the main thing is that he never dropped the feather which seems to him as an instrument of expression for the soul.

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